Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank you to all

I just want to take the time to thank everyone for helping me distribute 14 payments this last quarter to the Fredericton Food Bank, Fredericton SPCA, Oromocto Food Bank and The Oromocto SPCA. I couldn't have accomplished that on my last quarter without the help of my clients and the great support staff at Re/Max Group Four Realty.

I have received two great letters and a thank you card from the above charities thanking me - but it is you, my clients who made that happen.

I have made a few more "Pay It Forward" monetary contributions to individuals that would prefer their names not be added to the list - but what I wanted to share in regards to this, I have asked those individuals to "Pay It Forward" in the future when they are in the position to do so.

I just love the idea of "Paying It Forward". It doesn't have to be monetary. A great joke, a noval idea or as I have mentioned before - pay forward those books you have already read. Start a library at your office and share those books between other coworkers. There are lots of ways to Pay It Forward - giving a little of yourself to someone in need is just a great thing to do and the feelings a person can feel at helping others can be extremely satisfactory and give you that special glow.

Something that you can pay forward to other people on a daily basis is just a smile - it lights up your face and someone elses as well! Give it a try today.

Again, thank you to everyone that supported me in my Professional Career as a Sales Associate with Re/Max Group Four Realty and thank you for making it possible to help the above charities as well as the IWK (a contribution on every sale is made to the IWK) and we also sponsor the Re/Max Relay for life.

Have a wonderful week!

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