Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pay forward those already used books

As I mentioned in my profile - I love to read. As do my daughters and we pass them amongst each other. They normally make there way back to me whether I have purchased them or my daughters purchased them. I belong to the Owl's Nest in Fredericton where you can exchange books and I do so on a fairly regular basis. BUT if they are overstocked what do we do with all the books once your bookshelf is full? While I was employed with Revenue Canada, I started an inhouse library with those extra books (not that I am encouraging anyone to read at work). I decided to do the same thing at Re/Max Group Four at our office in Fredericton. In the past couple of months I have delivered 4 full bags of books to our office - and requested that we do the same, start an inhouse library. Recycling the books is keeping them out of the landfill and giving other people some enjoyment. Everyone spends money on reading material at some point and it is a wonderful past time but sharing those books using the inhouse library may cut down a bit on everyone's reading budget and allow them to have some quality time with a good book.

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  1. Hi KAthy: I read with interest your blog spot and the articles. Thanks for sending them. The book hairdressser does the same thing... her "library" is growing as I saw today when I was there. We read and recycle and it's great!! Also, I love the concept of paying it forward and have started something a few months ago myself... that is, to do one good deed every day... it is going well and I love it. There are so many things that I can do to bless others. What a wonderful life and it gets more exciting every day. Debra Landine