Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Time Home Buyers

Thinking of buying your first home but not sure of the process. I can give you a few important details. If you have any questions please call me at 506-470-9888 or email

1) Go to your Bank or a Mortgage Broker for a preapproval on your mortgage amount. This first step will give you the amount in dollar figures that you are allowed to spend on your new home. The very worst scenario for a new home buyer is to be searching in a price range they cannot afford. You may find a home that is just what you have always dreamed of - BUT - if you cannot get financing in that price range, you are so disheartened - once you have suffered that disappointment, every house we view after will not compare and you will have a very difficult time in finding a home that can be your "dream home. If we search within your personal approved mortgage amount, you will not be disappointed! I have worked with an excellent Mortgage Broker in the past Carolann Young of Homes Loans Canada - my clients were all very pleased with Carolann's service and she is a delight to work with. Her email is or phone 506-470-1098. If you have any mortgage questions, please give her a call.

2) Decide where you would prefer to live - it can be various areas, but a few preferred areas will be more beneficial when doing your search.

3) Do you want a "mortgage helper". A "mortgage helper" is a home that has an apartment located in the home (once in a while a separate smaller home on the same property). A large number of single people and young couples do prefer to have an added income to help them out for the first few years. When your family grows, most 2units or "mortgage helpers" can always be opened up to become part of the existing portion you are living in. Another important point is that when you do purchase a "mortgage helper" your bank or mortgage broker will include 80% of the income being received from the apartment as a portion of "your income). This can increase the amount you have been preapproved for because preapproval is done on the amount of annual income you earn.

4) Did you know that I have access to an automatic search engine (for Realtors only) that will email you listings of homes that are in your personal, preferred, specific criteria. It is one of the best tools I have ever used as a Realtor. I enter your email address and your personal criteria into the search engine - the search engine will do the search and email you all listings that are presently for sale AND as each new listing comes on our system if that listing matches your criteria, it will be emailed to you 24 hours before it is sent to the MLS system. This will definitely give you quick heads for listings coming on within your criteria.

5) Another important fact that most people are unaware of - as a member of The Fredericton Real Estate Board, I can show you any home listed on the market, regardless of what Company has it listed. If you are sent 4 or 5 that peak your interest and you would like to view all of them - just give me a call and I will make the appointments to acquire access to every home you are interested in for viewings. We can view in an evening or afternoon, whatever works best for you.

6) If you find a home that you feel is the one for you - I would always recommend a second showing. Bring family members with you if you need a second opinion. There may be 2 or 3 you want to "second view" and that is not a problem whatsoever.

Purchasing a home is one of the major decisions you will ever make in your life time. It is of the utmost importance that you are ready to purchase and confident with your purchase.

I have worked with a large number of first time home buyers and thoroughly enjoy working with everyone. I have an abundance of patience and would never encourage or push you to purchase a home before I know that you are firmly in your personal comfort zone.

I welcome any questions from people looking to purchase or sell their home. I have 10 years experience in the real estate world and have had great success with past clients. I assure you, I will always go that extra mile for everyone I work with whether they are purchasing or selling. (there are a few testimonials on my blog you may want to view)

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with many of you in the near future!

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