Thursday, February 11, 2010

A newsletter - doing something great for small communities

The neighbors in Rusagonis, Beaverdam, Nasonworth and New Maryland are lucky to have an enthusiactic neighbor like Anne Law.

Anne started a newsletter in November of last year when she realized that any events going on in these small communities were limited in getting the word out. She decided that she would start up a newsletter at home and asked a couple of convenience stores if she could place her newsletters there for people to pick up. In Anne's own words "It's a beginning and I enjoy it, hopefully things will pick up."

I think if is a great initiative for small communities and it takes only 1 person to make a difference and I congratulate Anne for taking on this task. Anne wanted to do this and went out and bought Corel Draw and self-taught herself. WOW! It sounds like Anne was very determined to to help get the word out for events happening in and around her local communities!

Anne will be including New Maryland in newsletter distribution - SO - anyone who has something to annouce should definitely help Anne out by sending her any announcements they want New Maryland, Nasonworth, Beaverdam, Rusagonis and any other surrounding areas residents to be aware of including anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, special community events, etc.

Anne's email is and she welcomes all the news you want to pass on to her. Do you have a business you would like to advertise? Anne could possibly help you out in that area as well.

Please take the time to send your announcements to Anne and help her increase her newsletter content and circulation. You never know what your community has to offer unless you share the information with others.

Again - congrats to Anne for having the energy to start her own newsletter for her community! Great Job!

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